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Three Ireland

About Three

They are a company all about mobile data and rated most reliable network by YouGov.

Three launched the UK's first 3G network in 2003, they support over 40% of the UK's mobile data traffic and have over 8 million customers in the UK.

About the project

Create a logged in account experience for all of Three Ireland customers.

Make a desktop and mobile friendly experience.

Prioratise the logged in experience based on the customer type and their needs.

The challenge

Create individual wireframe packs for each of their customer products: Contract,Pay as you go and Hybrid, for Mobile and broadband. Individual wireframe packs were created as a request from the development team to help them deliver faster.

Individual portlets/ content modules were required to be re-used as part of the new structure, these had to remain in their current state and could not be modified.

Working with internal project teams, external developers and third party backend development teams, meant that a clear understanding of the wireframe documentation was paramount to success.

Designed a colour coded system for the wireframe packs so that they could be easily identified.

Site taxonomy

Identifiying the positives and negatives of the existing experience through research and feedback. The content to be presented was then collated and various qualitative and qunatitative user testing was carried out.

Methods used included, Card sorting, testing the content heirarchy and navigation structure to ensure that users were able to navigate the site easily.

The testing was carried out in person with phsyical cards as well as using online software to help gather more input and test the structure with more users, identifying any gaps and improving the experience.


Based on the findings from user testing and personas, I created a new sitemap, flow diagrams, user journeys and site pages to give detail about the content, interactions, portlets to be used, developer page template and other supporting information.

Special attention was also given to the mobile handsets that were in the market at the time and their capabilities.

Multi product users

It was important that users with multiple products of variying combinations (e.g a user with a Pay as you go Mobile phone, and a contract broadband dongle) would be able to carry over the learned behaviour from one product to the next, creating a unified experience which gave the user confidence and put them in control.


Iconography was used in conjunction with colours to help users identify comminalities in navigation, not only between products but also between the devices they used (e.g. Desktop and mobile).


The result was a very well recieved improvement to the account experience, initial integration was conducted with A/B testing with the site traffic throttled while in beta. After some great early feedback the site was pushed live and had an instant positive impact.

The graphic design and development were conducted by other members of the project team.

Link to three mobile ireland video about my account and billing

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