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About Three

They are a company all about mobile data and rated most reliable network by YouGov.

Three launched the UK's first 3G network in 2003, they support over 40% of the UK's mobile data traffic and have over 8 million customers in the UK.

About the project

Reduce customer compaints, help the customer find the information they need quickly, reduce amount of call centre calls and frustrated customers.

The challenge

Categorise over 100 different issues that the customers were having, these selected items made up 80% of the most common customer frustrations.

Priority was given to the top issues which made up the bulk of the customers calls, this meant that the majority of issues could be resolved swiftly, making sure these were seen by the right user first.

Working within a small project team and a very tight deadline to create an experience which didnt block the customer but gave help and options.

Customer insights

Working with other areas of the business to identify the issues that the customers were facing and looking through the data collected, call centre and customer feedback of what customers were saying and doing, we were able to gain a good understanding of the behaviours of the customer the and problems that needed to be addressed.


After assessing the research it was clear that the approach needed to segrigate the customer types in order to help them faster and reduce confusion, as customers with similar issues would require a different solution based on their customer type.

Quick help options

The research showed a selection of the most common issues, and while these were being addressed in the website, it was clear that these options should be available immediatly, so the solutions for the most common questions were given at the begining as a shortcut for the users to reduce barriers between the users and the content.
A news ticker was also placed on the page to help keep users informed about any known issues that the network were facing. This provided information such as if a mast was down in a certain area.

Wireframe customer type sitemap

This shows the choices available for the contract customer, the sub section choices and then the articles/solutions available to the customer, due to the quantity of solutions a matrix was created and each of the issues were given a refereance number, this same reference number was then used in the wireframes to help the developers link the content.

End design

Working with the graphic designer, we were able to create a clutter free design that used subtle animation to help create a calming effect for the customer.


Massive reduction in call centre calls and frustrated customers

Each decision that the user makes would be a simple one, this meant that while in a frustrated state that they would not have to think about the questions and get to the help they needed quickly.

After a given period of time, feedback could be collated and the amount of content reduced or altered to help the customer further.

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