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BT Mobile

About BT

BT is a leading communications company with customers in over 170 different countries worldwide, with over 18 million UK customers.

Their main products in the UK include landline, broadband, Mobile and TV.

About the project

To create a logged in experience for their new product BT Mobile, integrate with their existing products and into existing wireframe packs.

And most importantly help get BT back into the Mobile market.

The challenge

Allow the user to manage multiple SIMs. Display the users current usage, cost, plan details, add-ons, charges and settings in one area.

The project would be broken down into stages defined by BT, full project scope would not be available due to NDA's, meaning that individual functionality would have to be created without fully understanding its impact on other future areas of the plan.

As each new stage came to light an assessment of the information provided would be made highlighting any potential difficulties.

Understanding business requirements, technology capabilities and user needs was incredibly important for this ongoing project, being able to gain understanding quickly,create early initial concepts to work through the project and gain stakeholder feedback would prove vital in keeping projects on track.


Aligning all the different wireframe packs assosiated with the project would be key in helping everyone have a clear understanding.

Original wireframes were created in Axure but differed in the way in which they were marked up, or were non existent and needed creating.

Improving the documentation with inclusion of sitemaps, user journeys, flow diagrams, version control and detailed page mark up was the first step, the next would be to create a single area for all projects and wireframe documentation to be contained with a single point of access.


These are fantastic for gaining momentom in a project, tracking progress and discussing ideas.

Early workshops meant that we could be confident the work was progressing in the right direction, giving early opportunities to flag any concerns.

User Journey

I always like to start with Pencil and paper in the initial stages and sketch out a rough outline of the intended user journeys, this helps make sure that everyone understands the requirements fully and will highlight any potential issues early on.

Simple sketches to talk through the process, enabling conversation to quickly be converted into a rough outline, telling a story which highlights key points along the way. Later converted into a digital format.


Successfully created a login area for BT Mobile, integrating it into the existing suite of BT products.

Overcame complicated technology constraints and requirements to create a simplistic solution for the user.

Delved deeper into discussions over elements which would effect the user negativly to provide solutions which worked for everyone.

Created concepts, wireframes, prototypes, user journeys, site maps, interactions etc to allow for easy understanding, user testing and delivering projects successfully through each stage.

Worked in a variety of areas within the BT website including management pages, billing, help and support, BT service App(concepting), Hub, internal software and online orders.

Giving input and solutions for Desktop, tablet, mobile and App interfaces.

Next project BT app concept

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