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About Oracle

Is the number one provider of business software and is best known for its database solutions. They have over 400 thousand customers, operates in over 175 countries and are industry leaders in major areas including banking, communications, healthcare and public services.

About the project

Redesign the customer experience of the website to increase users ability to find the right information for their needs, share Oracles story about their cloud infrastructure and provide the sales team with a site which they could use to help customers and drive sales.

The challenge

Understanding the buying process for this customer type which is very different from consumer purchases where it is one to one, this normally involved understanding the buying process of a large company which usually had a committee, meaning the person collecting the information rarely made the buying decision and usually had to present this back to the decision maker.

With the rise of digital transformation and industry roles evolving such as CMO, meaning marketing teams are finding themselves incharge of purchasing the backend systems to facilitate their needs, so a traditionally non-tech person making tech decisions.

Create an experience where users had confidence in the brand and were able to understand the product and navigate to the information that they needed quickly.

Working with a client based in USA to a tight deadline, meant that clear communication was going to be key with limited opportunities to ask questions.

Current experience

The existing experience was a dumping ground for documents that were uploaded by multiple people with no real categorisation, users were getting lost, and even when users found the information that they needed, they found it very difficult to locate that information again.

An initial review of the pages helped identify a lot of the issues to be investigated further.


Using regular workshops along with reviewing the analytics of the existing journeys to identify what users were trying to achieve combined with information gathered from interviews with the target audience to better understand the problems users were facing.


Researched competitors within the market to understand their offerings and completed a heuristic evaluation to find out what they were offering and potential areas to explore.


Interviews and research was conducted to better understand the customer and their needs. Profiles and empathy maps were created to keep this information front and centre to the decisions we made.

Existing journey

Evaluated the existing journeys and used this to help identify the potential dropout areas. This highlighted the issues users were facing, with many getting lost in a loop or pushed out of their journey into another area of the site, making it difficult to return and confusing where they were.


Created concepts,user journeys and wireframes based on the gathered research to create an improved experience for the user.


Guidelines were created to help explain and inform the structure of the pages at different levels as well as improve handover with the design and copy team, including the creation of a copy doc to improve the communication of changes that referenced wireframes and how to tell Oracles story by weaving it throughout the users journey.


Clickable prototypes were created to demonstrate how this would work and to gain feedback to improve the journeys and overall user experience.


As the customer moved through their journey within the site, Oracle were able to tell their story and build a stronger connection with their customers, and the sales team had a site that allowed them to easily direct their customers to the right information.

This allowed user to get to the information that they needed quickly including product information, reports and similar company stories, so that they had the information they need to make their individual decisions.

Information was structured and easy to find without confusing the customer.

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